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I know every bride would like to look the best on her wedding day. Besides my magic hands and technique, that would be really helpful if you start preparing yourself well before the trial and the wedding day. Your effort will definitely bring you to another level of beauty. Here are some tips and reminders about skincare, that I would like to share with my brides. Here we go!


Too much dead skin leaving on your face will make you look dull and block the nutrient and moisture of your skincare. That’s why a "clean face" is the start of healthy and glowing skin. Exfoliate your skin once biweekly. If you have sensitive skin, please reduce it to once a month. Don’t overdo it. This might upset your skin, make you sensitive or breakout. Step away from the harsh grainy scrubs, gentle acid exfoliant is a better choice. It comes to removing dead skin cells and gently buffing the skin to leave it looking fresh and brighter.


After you exfoliate your skin, it’s the hydration and moisture time! Hydration and moisture are two distinct skincare needs. Hydrating ingredients in skincare products attract water to the outermost layer of the skin, while moisturizing ingredients lubricate the skin to prevent water from escaping. Healthy skin means every skin cells are full of hydration and well functional. When it can do well on self-balancing, your skin won’t be too dry or oily. First of all, for hydration, I recommend putting on more water-based toner, serums and hydrating paper masks. The frequency of hydrating paper masks can be adjusted as you like: once a week is basic and every night for emergency cases! When you feel your skin become smooth and soft, that means it is good enough and the skin cells have been plumped up. After that, please put on some facial cream as an all-around cover to stop the water evaporate away. If you have dry skin or during wintertime, don’t hesitate to try a few drops of lightweight facial oils before going to bed. You will be impressed by the differences when you wake up on next morning! For oily skin, please choose lightweight cream or water-based gel cream to avoid breakouts. Last but not least, please drink more water. This is a forever good habit for all of us. Water will help us detox and keep us hydrated, this is the most essential skincare product for achieving good skin.


Sunscreen is essential to the daily skincare routine if you would like to avoid pigmentation and uneven skin tone. A good sunscreen should be in a lightweight texture. It won’t feel clogging on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, please choose the one that is free from perfume.


Before going to a bath, put a drop of facial oil on your lips and cover them with a thick layer of lip balm. After you have finished your bath, use a wet towel to gently rub your lips. You will see a lot of dead skin to be rubbing off and your lips will become fresh and soft again. When it is all done, please put on some lip balm or lip oil for protection. This can be a monthly routine, or for emergency cases. 

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